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Добавил: 2017-01-21

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Время: 03:54

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[Chorus Tony Yayo]
Yea you wanna die rock a bye baby
Out the cars and slugs fly rock a bye baby
Your moms and wife cry rock a bye baby
Let me tell you a lullaby rock a bye baby

[Tony Yayo]
Coke price went up theeres a snitch in the area
Plus the block hot like case of malaria
Keep your head above water and stay on your feet
We can shoot out in the street like deniro in heat
Low in the seat, low in the jeep
I got ya hoe sneaking out while you goin asleep
Low in the lotus eclipse
It's an all black whip like michael knight shit
G-unit familia I die for my family
I'm machine gun kelly 50's meyer lansky
I wake up to granite and marble floors
And got hoes like janet in menage a trois
I know, killers, kidnappers and car thieves
Sheisty bitch set you up tryin to cut cheese
You get swiss cheesed real niggaz don't die
We get high fuck bitches and we multiply

[Chorus x2]

[Mel Matrix]
Got the work from the og's who kill low coasts weed
Nigga never die his mouth gotta slow leak
Bullet hit his body leave em crying like bo peep
When it's only braggin know the goons get no sleep
Better yet we lettin it fly baby
My whole gang down for that rockabye baby
Never stand naw take the chair and fry baby
Yayo give me the word lettin it bang crazy
You know my attitude let's rock
Let the semi blow put ya brains on the next block
I'm the party yea chump gon take the next stop
I'm the big homie you flintstone like bedrock
Wear a vest you wanna avoid the headshot
Crime scene yellow tape target head lead pop
Put it in if the situation crack
And we ever get knocked never snitch and that's a fact

[Chorus x2]

I could show you fuckers how to get a bird up
Then take a bad bitch to burdoffs
A duck hunt in my hood I knock a bird up
Blow shots at your coupe then let the whip swerve off
Cheah, blicky all about payday
Alphabet killer I let the k spray
On some g shit these lames won't be shit
Can't leave off the block that's why they never see shit
The watch cost a few bucks
I'm in the fast lane moving past a few bucks
Took a bullet from a brother now I'm off the meter
It's lghts out when the beams jumping out the nina
I'm on a big screen the haters watching
Bein broke and set back seen the fucking options
50 told me that this shit can get crazy
So once he point the finger it's rocka bye baby

[Chorus x2]

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Видеоклип 50 Cent - Get Down (feat. Hot Rod & Tony Yayo)

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