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Добавил: 2016-12-21

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Время: 03:23

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[Hook (Repeat x4)]
Guess who's back?
Up in the mix
With my long brown hair
And my big white lips

[Verse 1]
The year was grey, 1991
When Tommy got produced by some chemical waste and cum
Scientific project, escaped from Kazakhstan
I am married to those beats, wheres my number one fan?
Half human, half machine, not a real fucking human being
Can't cry, only hope. Can't smile, so I smoke
Without a wolfpack, a loner, my mood getting colder
I'm only 21 but my mind is older
Gonna live large, die young, most insane
This flow hit hard like Kurt Cobain

[Hook (Repeat x4)]
Guess who's back?
Up in the mix
With my long brown hair
And my big white lips

[Verse 2]
Once upon a time not long ago
Came out white dynamite
You never heard of me before
I don't live by the gun
I live by the ton
Smoke all that shit flush it down with the rum
As I sit in my dark room
Make music like I'm dracula
Out of fresh blood, going fucking smackula
I may be young but I'm definitely ready
These blue balls full of lyrics
Are getting kind of heavy
So I outburst, a fat dose as I converse
Metaphor after metaphor, soon I talk in reverse
As I come back straight with a combat
Paint pictures with my words, so they call me abstract

[Hook (Repeat x2)]
Guess who's back?
Up in the mix
With my long brown hair
And my big white lips

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Видеоклип ''♞Favorite Zoo Trip♞'' Minitage #1

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