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I stood down the road
when you shut the door for the last time
the car was already packed
we looked at us
arms in arms
eye to eye
hand in hand
and although I know the plane would need just a few hours
and a phonecall just a sec to get to you/ to get through
I know our relationship will be a different one
because you're not here, you're not here
not seeing you
not touching you
no spontaneous come on, let's go

don't wanna hold you
but I have to say i'm sad
I wanna hold it back
but my tears are falling down straight
my inner side feels like a broken world
that is based on porous fragments
while you left with mummy's red car
I kept standing in your ex-door frame

and I know I'll miss this time
did you know it's possible to unlearn
to speak, to think and to laugh
just watch my mum
and I know I'll miss this time
yes, you were my continuum
the person who knows
my everyday life, who knows my development
who knows me inside out
and I know I'll miss this time
I'm missing the conversations, the laughing
the jokes, yes, the silly jokes
and the hang arounds
and I know I'll miss this time
I need a talking partner
a constant one
no, not a therapist
I need a friend, a real one

got someone here, got someone there
(but there's no line, no continuity
that really binds us,
nor connects our meetings and new stories with the last
to talk to someone who knows your context and your every-
day life is a different thing
a frequency to talk to another once in 3 months
I guess it's much to less, you know
it's much to less
stop here
go on fulfill your dreams, the world is ours
ready to be taken
two lifes, two paths
following, accompanying and crossing each other just for a while

as I took a look on pictures of me
I saw you
in me, on me
we're behaving like the ones around
and so we're changing, oh no, so we're collecting roles

and as it couldn't be worse
a certain way of me to behave and to talk and to think
left with you, left as you did

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Видеоклип Pickerington HS Central Marching Tigers - Magic of Oz - 2005

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