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Добавил: 2016-10-31

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Cairns explained the album title to entertainnment.ie "It's from Immanuel Kant, the (18th century German) philosopher. He said, 'from the crooked timber of humanity, no straight thing was ever made.' I found that quote indirectly from doing a little research on Samuel Beckett, because I like Samuel Beckett. We needed an album title and we didn't have anything at that point. We liked Crooked Timber but didn't know if we wanted to go with a title track. I like it though, I find [the quote] kind of life-affirming. It's almost like saying 'yeah, everyone is different but you make the most of what you're given.'"

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Видеоклип CROOKED I - YODO (P-MIDUS Bloody Mary Mix) | BEATSTARS Remix Contest
#SUPPORT this remix by #VOTING for P-MIDUS @ (voting begins Aug.24th - Sep.2nd)

Young Star Life record producer P-MIDUS offers a deep, dark ambient atmosphere for Crooked I's "YODO" (acronym standing for "You Only Die Once") surrounded by angelic voices and hard hitting 808's.

Though this remix was produced exclusively for remix contest, it will also be featured on official 2013 P-M re-mixtape to be available for download this winter.

mp3 DL link:

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