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Добавил: 2017-01-03

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Текст данной песни:

somebody please, make me happy
so i don't have a heart no more
somebody... embacy
and love me like it never happened before

take away all the pain ,
take away all the shame.
hold me, hold me tight
so, i'll understand everything allright

somebody ...take me... my misory
is not my babe (&)
somebody... help me... i need your women place

i want to be home
to know i willn't be all all alone
so, darling, darling, can't youy see
the kind of love you bring to me

somebody...tell me... all the sing (thing)
i long to here
give me the chance.. just to love you.. like mama and papa


well, i want to be the one to say
"yes, thank you darling, you save my life today.
and keep down in my heart, i want to show you
what i'm reall reall satisfied a man can do

somebody, anybody
i have a litle pitty (&) for me
take me... save me (shake me).... let my heart free

and i know in my life
you will be a love in white
so, somebody.. plese take me ..otherway

brothers and sisters, no matter what you hear me say today. if you hear this record tomorrow, or the next day, or next week, or next mounth, or next year, just remember you () get nothing. out of this prise for nothing
you gonna have put something and do it
if there is a lot of thing you can't bye, it not nothing you can't steal
you gotta (garre) go out and do it
you gotta leave it
you gotta try it
you get nothing for nothing
you want something - you gotta put something and do it. do it
don't tell no more lies
don't say me "i want pitty" and cry.
make somebody happy
if you try to make somebody happy, you give somebody the opportunity to the try to make you happy.
you take something - you give something.
nothing for nothing leave nothingnothing don't do it
leasten to me and don't do it
or they gonna kill you for try? remind me be happy

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Видеоклип Make me happy - Screamin' Jay Hawkins

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