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Добавил: 2016-10-06

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Текст данной песни:

Bathing in the tears on my pillow
Which I cry out every night
Alone with my sadness
When I turn off the light

Buoyancy by day
Tearful at night
Alone with myself
With no future in sight

I release all my woes
Which I bottled up
I can't associate with my innerself
and there is the rub

Tear from me this entire life
I'm old tired and satisfied
A whole life lies behind me
I long for my friends who already died

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Видеоклип Narsilion - My Falling Darkness
Beautiful songLyrics:I see the dark in your eyesCry in the sorrow of my heartI see blood tears in your facecalling my name in yourselfI see the night come to meUnder the maze of deathI see the grave of your dreamsBehind the sadness of my soulRemembrance...My lost days...And faraway...The dying sun in my eyes...Like a shadow prisoner of my soul...Forever...In your name...My sad tears cry in silence...Whispering voices from the other side..

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