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Ещё от артиста Random Encounters - FNaF the Musical (Original Soundtrack)

Текст данной песни:

Its been 7 years since i've worked at this place,
A part of my life I much regret,
Saw kids burst in tears, a bear start eating a face,
I tried to move on and just forget...

Hey, where's Bonnie?

I-I haven't seen him

[Freddy and Chica]
Bonnie? Bonnie?

What could this be?
It wasn't here before...
It's bigger than me

Maybe it's a big box

Its full of party favors




The pox

Falling asleep...
Until a phone starts ringing six inches deep
Beneath the mess on my desk
Why would they keep...
A rotten cupcake up here?
Creepy and grotesque

Maybe we shouldn't touch it...

Why not? It's just a shady crate

It could be corrosive

Or even explosive

[Freddy and Chica]
And nobody knows if
It's not safe

Fine, okay. Just give me a minute I'll just wrap
it back up and... uh-oh.

Camera's gone dead,
and now i'm wondering if it's all in my head.

Yes it's all in your head

Bonnie, you said,
It'd only take a minute.

Maybe it took him instead

What should we do?
I'm good at panicked screeching

Let's look for clues, Bonnie's got to be near
Chica would you-


Go look inside the kitchen, how could he just

Where's she going?
Screen's not showing...
Could've sworn that camera was fixed

Foxy can you help me?
I need you please to tell me,
Where Bonnie is before it turns six

Why's Bonnie here?
And why's he tied up?
Whats's that sound in my ear?

It's cause the music box stopped


Oh dear...
Watch out he's coming for you

Good thing this door can be locked

Ow *cough cough*
Changed my mind...

Got nowhere to run and I got no place to hide,
Got no chance to fight or even pray

He's gotta be stopped

He's too destructive to live

*Muffled Words*

What did he say?

He said "Watch out for the fan"

Alittle help would be great
My face is about to get filleted

The Puppet is here to send him back to the grave

Watch out for your strings
Too late.

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Видеоклип FNAF The Musical Night 5 **BLOOPERS!** (Markiplier, NateWantsToBattle, MatPat and Random Encounters)

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