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We wanna you to be our friend
Escaping shadows, hide and seek
To joy us

We try so hard to make you dead.
Dont worry - pain is kind of pleasure


It's me.
I know you can hear me.
You're broken. There's no way

They're all in your head.
Tommorow'll be another day.


Memory just has been rotten
Sweet old times has now forgotten
Mindnlles scream, misunderstending.
Can you search for better ending?

Tears of fear shows your despair
Hug your little teddy bear.
Happiness will last forever,
We will always be together


Watch out.
Theese shadows steps closer.
They're want to break yo ur mind.

Keep calm
And don't be afraid.
They are waiting behind.

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Видеоклип Diana Krall - "I've Got You Under My Skin" - LIVE 1998
Diana Krall - « I’ve Got You Under My Skin »
Nice Jazz Festival 1998
Directed by : Patrick Savey

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