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Текст данной песни:

Green and White
That's What We Selling
Shout Out To Wiz
It's Black And Yellow
Philly In The Building
That's What I rep forever
I'm talkin PA shout out to the DJ
Haa Uh - huh You Know what it is
When we in the building we do it big
Yeah they got me back stunting
100 thousand mixtapes homie that ain't nothing

Come around my town, you can see I'm running everything
I do this for the Hood I'm repping Philly everyday

[Verse 1]
Black Ice, yellow chick
Hella bad hella thick, brains intelligent
I'm in that wide body, I'm talking elephant
Great phantom in there leaning like I'm running ben
Riding with the goons, you know they hella bent
Drinking on that water purple and yellow sip
Team laker, I'm a dream chaser
Let the team take her, I'm a team player
Yeah you know I'm a fucking beast
Me myself and I, like Miami Heat
I'm talkin Chris Bosh, Lebron and Wade
I won't say I'm rich, but I'm kinda paid

Uh-huh you know what it is
Everything you do is small, and everything we do is big
I gotta retarted check, ma cardier the stupidiest
Eviction on your reck a leg and tell em that I'm moving in
Got that work nigga get served, sesame street with the big bird
Aye ya'll 15 clip curb, bring your chick around
We gon steel er, Pittsburgh

[Verse 2]
Black and yellow, I'm in the back like hello
Shit I'm just bigging up my haters jus like Shorty L - O
Spent 20 on the bezzle, and shorty from the ghetto
You damn right I'm in it everynight
I'm fly as every pilot, I'm high as every kite
This shit I spit is deep, I'm talking Barry White
When I was in these streets I had to carry white
But now I'm rapping I just spit it, I don't barely write

Haa Uh-huh you know what it is
When Philly in the building, we do it big
20 bottles homie that ain't nothing
20 thousand in my pocket nigga that's stuntin


We in this bitch
I'm still counting money
Still spitting that shit
Whatchu gon do now
But follow me on twitter
You Know what it is, when we in the building
We do it big, half you niggas rats
Talking this, talking that
I ain't fronting nigga I'm back
And it ain't bout nothing, cause nigga I'm strapped
You know what it is, and you don't want the BIZ
Ha ha (echos)

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Видеоклип Rick Ross & Meek Mill John Doe & Black Magic Live Cali Christmas December 2012

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