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Текст данной песни:

Something here seems foul...
Something here just reeks of blood
And suffering...
Could be these halls are echoing...
...Of death?

We'll see.
In all my dreams, I see...
...A maze of halls with bloody walls
And countless scrawls reminding me

Don't play these games...
You've lost your fright
I'm armed with more than a light...
And I'm surviving five nights

No phones. No screens. No more.
Just you and me, a gun or three, and
Nothing else between me and this door

You bring the fur... I'll bring the fight
Hey, Foxy Come get a bite
'Cause I'm surviving five nights

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Видеоклип Five Nights at Freddy's: The Musical - Night 1 (Feat. Markiplier)
NIGHT 2 ► iTunes ► Amazon MP3 ► Bloopers ► Freddy's Lulluby: Amazon MP3 ► Markiplier has a new job. For the next few nights, anyway. MARKIPLIER (Himself) ► XANDER MOBUS (Freddy) ► SARAH WILLIAMS (Chica) ► AJ PINKERTON (Bonnie) ► DAVID KING (Foxy) ► Puppets created by Michael Ledoux ( ) Music arranged by Matthew Merenda (spacetoaster.bandcamp.com) Baby I Love You performed by Raymy Krumrei Additional production support supplied by Katie Herbert and Kaela Berry Choir Vocals performed by Sparrow Rayne, Peter Srinivasan and AJ Pinkerton LYRICS: PHONE GUY: Hello? Hello? Hi, I’m Phone Guy! Pleasure to meet you! I’d like to leave a few quick words- Freddy’s friends can get a bit active… MARK: -blah blah blah, that’s completely absurd… CHICA: Bonnie! Freddy! Time to get ready! FREDDY: Midnight already? BONNIE: Time to play! FREDDY: Hey, I heard they hired a new guy! BONNIE: And it’s his first day! MARK: I’ll try out all the cameras to see what they do. Let’s check the animatronics- -did one of them just move? Don’t be dumb! That’s insane! Look, they’re standing all the same. Except for one… Could it be…? Bonnie’s staring right at me? BONNIE: What’s that sound? CHICA: It seems to be screaming… FREDDY: Everything’s seeming slightly strange… BONNIE: Let’s say hi! He seems a bit jumpy… MARK: How do these cameras change?! They’re heading here just to eat me! Like juicy flesh fruit! Or maybe they’ll all stuff me inside a Fazbear suit! Seal the doors! Hit the lights! FREDDY: Hey new guy, are you all right? MARK: Stay away! Leave me be! FREDDY: Don’t be scared! It’s only me! CHICA: Oh no! He sounds like he’s in trouble! CHICA: Foxy, are you there? The new guy’s trapped inside! MARK: They’re breaking down the door! CHICA: He sounds so terrified! FREDDY: Hold on, Foxy’s come to get you! MARK: Is that something in the vent?! Why’s it smell like blood and mucus?! BONNIE: That’s our natural scent! FREDDY: Hey! MARK: I need a disguise to hide in! A mask or a head! FREDDY: Hey Chica, check the kitchen! I think that camera’s dead. MARK: Don’t blink… Don’t breathe… Don’t move… Please, Foxy, leave… FREDDY: What’s he doing? BONNIE: Sealing the air vents! FREDDY: New guy, don’t! You need fresh air! MARK: Wow, I’m getting kind of loopy… At least I don’t feel- SCARED! FREDDY: Hi there! I’m Freddy! Wanna come and play? I think you’re special, in your own way! I’d love to sing a song with you! It’s my favorite thing to do, ‘cause I love you through and through! ANIMATRONICS: Come pl

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