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Добавил: 2017-01-20

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Ещё от артиста Mariah Carey

Текст данной песни:

Somehow I know that
There's a place up above
With no more hurt and struggling,
Free of all atrocities and suffering,
Because I feel the unconditional love
From one who cares enough for me
To erase all my burdens
And let me be free to

Fly like a bird
Take to the sky
I need you now, Lord,
Carry me high,
Don't let the world break me tonight,
I need the strength of you by my side,
Sometimes this life can be so cold,
I pray you'll come and carry me home

Can we recover,
Will the world ever be
A place of peace and harmony
With no war and with no brutality,
If we loved each other
We would find victory,
But in this harsh reality
Sometimes I'm so despondent
That I feel the need to


Keep your head to the sky
With God's love you'll survive


Carry me higher, higher, higher
Carry me higher, higher, higher
Carry me home
Oooooh Jesus
Carry me higher, Lord

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Видеоклип Mariah Carey - Fly Like A Bird + Lyrics (HD)

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