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Добавил: 2017-02-04

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Ещё от артиста JT Machinima

Текст данной песни:

[Verse 1]
I just picked up a new job
But I'm hoping it ain't hard
After all it's the night shift
I'll be working the graveyard
Urban legends aside, I think I'll be fine
There's no way these things are alive
It's just a robot with nothing inside, right?
Not like I'm fighting to survive
What was that noise? Bonnie is gone
Honestly, my skin is starting to crawl
Something is coming, they're walking the halls
And now that my power is starting to fall
I'm sick of seeing all these sinister faces
Why am I working for minimum wage?
If I could be killed, they should give me a raise
Why did they hire me? This is insane

Enjoy your five long nights
Kick back and grab a slice
If you get hurt on the job
We cannot cover your loss
Just get to 6 and you'll be fine

[Verse 2]
What's with all these accidents happening?
And we're still in business? That is baffling
All these cameras had better be accurate
I can't imagine if they get their hands on me
Got a long past full of tragedy
What was the Bite of '87 actually?
Why does it seem like every damn event at Freddy's
Is no less than a massive catastrophe?
You don't need to reiterate your brevity
Of making sure I don't run out of batteries
Or they might reconfigure my anatomy
Adding me to the mechanical family


Ok, 6 AM, rolling around any second now, come on
Let's do this, come on baby, I'm ready, Freddy
Let's go 6 AM, don't got all night
Tick tock, tick tock
Everybody just, uh, stay in your designated places
No need to come into the back office

[Verse 3]
I smell a foul odor
I think it's getting closer
I'm having hallucinations
How much longer till the night is over?
Maybe the place is haunted
And all they want is closure
But I really don't give a damn
I just wanna clock out and knock back a cold one
But Chica's tweaking out
Now Foxy's peeking out
Freddy is creeping around
I'm losing my power just keeping him out
Look at this article Reading it now
Learning more info that's creeping me out
5 AM, I'm going steady
Now I'm screwed, IT'S GOLDEN FREDDY

[Chorus x2]

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