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Stay Calm

Theres a shadow on the wall stay calm, stay calm
Theres a figure in the hall stay calm, stay calm
Keep my wits and stay alive
Wish I had a 9 to 5
Theres a stranger in us all stay calm, stay calm

Every hair is on its end thats fine, Im fine
Feeling my adrenaline thats fine, Im fine
I can keep away the creeps
Safely from my swivel seat
Somethings crawling through the vent thats fine, ...uh oh

Theres a ghost in the machine stay calm, stay calm
They are watching through the screen stay calm, stay calm
They just might drive me crazy. Hit me

Freddy Hey kids, nice to 'eetcha Are you ready for some Fazbear pizza?
Bonnie Whos this, working at the night shift?
Foxy I dont know, but I dont think I like him
Chica Hes so cute I can feel his heart racing
Bonnie About time we had a brand new plaything
Foxy Another yellow belly balking like a chicken (Chica Hey)
Freddy Listen gang, I say that we dig in.

They are slowly closing in stay calm, stay calm
Find an inner strength within stay calm, stay calm
If Ive learned one thing its that
Dont respond to craigslist ads
I can see their second skin stay calm...

In the end theres only me all right, all right
Morning sun will set me free all right, all right
I spent 5 Nights at Freddys Hit me

Chica Hey, where did our new friend go?
Freddy Dont worry, hell be back again tomorrow.
Bonnie So, uh, does he not go to the bathroom, or does he just hold it in all night?
Foxy Aye, he pees into a cup.
Chica Ew
Foxy Ive seen him do it with me own eye. We were both just staring at eachother. It was extremely awkward.


Видеоклип [MMX/FNAF MMD] Cyber Thunder Cider

Models - Kurooni, Toy Rebecca is mine
Motion - Rui
Stages - NuRuTeKa, Crumelody, Mio-nee
Other stuff-
Rin's Platform Stage - Trackdancer
Loading Axis/Lines - Hanna
Screens - Najeci
Tk-Grid-Floor - TK

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