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Добавил: 2016-09-11

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Время: 04:39

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Ещё от артиста Bart Baker

Текст данной песни:

Check out my hair, isnt it cute
I use a really expensive shampoo
Were throwing rocks and acting tough
Even though were all wearing tons of makeup

Are managers says we have to act straight
Even were all gay

Were at the beach acting like were hunting for chicks
But secretly what were looking for is some dck

Shut the hell up guys and get back in the closet
They cant know oh oh
That youre not hetero

Snorting bath salts and jumping in place
Look at that hot guy I think we should eat his face

Get away you pschyos I have some mase

Damn that blow oh ohs
Bet that you taste beautiful

No no Get lost you druged up homos

Were playing sports so we seem staight.
Our manager said thats a good way ah ah

You need the gals for record sales
So you better be kicking that ball all damn day

Oh whats the point
Everyone can see it
Its obvious we like pens

We are five gay British boys skipping in the waves
All we want to do is watch Magic Mike all day

Lets all get in the water and masturbate

Im gonna think about you
Im gonna think about you too

God damn it guys stop being gay
99% of your fans are staright ladies
If they find out your queers our sales will go away

Oh fine (ine) (ine) well save it for another time

Theres a girl go and act like straight guys.

Na na na na na na na na na na

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes

Hey girl, Im suppose to act like you get us off
But looking at you makes our pens go ever soft

Oh my gosh, I think I see David Hasselhoff

Hey, boys, its the Hoff
Ive been on this beach since Baywatch and I have been watching you all this time
I gotta say that youre all looking mighty fine
Why dont we head back to my place and have some wine

Ya, lets go that sounds so magical

No, no, no, do not go over to his home.

Whoa whoa whoa these boys are mine theyre beautifull.

Are you serious
Are you kidding me

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Видеоклип One Knight - What Makes You Beautiful

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