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Добавил: 2016-12-21

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Время: 04:29

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Текст данной песни:

Verse 1
Been reading books from A to Z since I was a little filly
Was learning about everything while ignoring everypony
I decided that I want to keep on what I was doing
Forever and ever and ever

My BBBFF always came over to remind me
That being stuck in the same room reading books not at all healthy
But my mind was focused and my patience already depleted
So I kept on reading and reading and reading

Verse 2
After many days of reading my parents wanted to see me
they told me to relax from it before I become a tardy
But why should I listen to them if they just want to stop me
So I'm leaving leaving leaving

So once I stepped outside I saw everypony growing
Tried to walk to one of them but they kept on ignoring
I thought that only days have passed to myself I was lying
for years and years and years and years

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