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Добавил: 2016-08-15

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Время: 02:47

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Ещё от артиста Группа аниматроников (Cika,Foxy,Frredy Bonny)

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Verse 1
We're waiting every night
to finally roam and invite
newcomers to play with us
for many years we've been all alone

We're forced to be still and play
The same songs we've known since that day
An imposter took our life away
Now we're stuck here to decay

Please let us get in
don't lock us away
We're not like what you're thinking

We're poor little souls
who have lost all control
and we're forced here to take that role

We've been all alone
Stuck in our little zone
Since 1987

Join us, be our friend
or just be stuck and defend
after all you only got

Chorus x2
Five Nights at Freddy's
Is this where you want to be
I just don't get it
Why do you want to stay

Verse 2
We're really quite surprised
We get to see you another night
You should have looked for another job
you should have said to this place good-bye

It's like there's so much more
Maybe you've been in this place before
We remember a face like yours
You seem acquainted with those doors


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Видеоклип Sisqo feat. Foxy Brown - Thong Song (remix).flv

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