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I see a fire in the sky
Lights go out Im gonna finish what I started
And now you better pray I dont know where you are
Do you remember just like I always do?
Ive been dying to remind you
There aint gonna be a jail sentence
No more Fucking Consequence
No there will never be another sentence
Fire in sky
This is freedom
I see fire in the sky
Now you'll suffer

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Видеоклип Ord - Cult of Misosophy
Black Metal from Canada; from first demo "Of Rain & Dirt", released 22 June 2015. All rights reserved to Ord and Brando Appleton. Listen to/buy "Of Rain & Dirt" here: Links: Art by Topielica666 (Merida); all rights and © reserved to Topielica666 (Merida). Links: Lyrics: When the moon shines down upon me when the wind howls through the trees when I hear the sound of thunder my soul yearns to be free the trees stand tall around me as the leaves turn red and fall the sky grows dark and stormy I hear the lone wolf's call before me a bolt of lighting smites a tall and mighty tree in the fire I see the spirits calling out to me I hear the distant ocean the endless raging waves restless four winds moaning laments to sunken graves the embers turn to ashes as the fire slowly dies rain is falling thunder rolls through the sky far away the city lights glow dimly in the night so many lives, distant and cold the beauty and wisdom of the ancient forests will remain unseen by the willing blind sheep guided by wolves rituals of ignorance cult of misosophy

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